Instant Hits

Recently my beloved Iguana tribe brother, Lluis Marc, shared a Jason Mraz song called “Have it All” with me. The song was inspired by a visit to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) in 2012 where he was attending the MTV EXIT [End Exploitation and Trafficking] concert. While traveling, the singer noticed that Buddhist people commonly greet each other with the phrase “Tashi delek,” which translates to, “May you have auspiciousness and causes of success.” This became the first line of the song. I have to say that the combination of the catchy melody and uplifting lyrics has really got into my heart. Yesterday I must have listened to the song about ten times and this touching tune alongside the gorgeous sunshine weaved their way into my daily poem!

On Repeat

I’m light as freshly laundered sheets

and “Have it all” is on repeat

I feel the joy as Jason sings

The resonance that his voice brings!

I’m open wide, my love is showing

I have a sense of inner knowing

of something that I can’t quite explain

It sings to me in each refrain

So much of me within this song

I know I’m needed, I belong

For when control’s not in our hands

It’s only hearts that understand

It is a special, guiding force

When ego leaves and we are Source

I feel the love with every beat

and “Have it All” is on repeat

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