On Purpose

In the last few weeks I have felt a powerful sense of awakening. I have been so open and receptive to the signs on my path which have manifested in butterflies and salamanders and all manner of random wildlife appearances. My heart space feels wide open to my experience and I feel really connected to my Life Purpose which is : I am the fucking Fiery Heart that creates Freedom! I have written so much in the last few days and today Iโ€™d like to share a poem about my recent experience.


You speak to me in vibrant violets that beam through cracked path 

You come to me through the inner knowingness of an awakening that I do not yet fully understand 

Just yesterday in fact you landed as a flamboyant red butterfly

resting teasingly before my feet as a reminder of the lightness 

of transformation

One day you even crawled towards me across the stony street in salamander form,

your flash siren markings confounding 

my connection to an undeniable

psychic sensitivity 

This morning I watch you bobbing, effortlessly in the air like a baby-blue balloon,

my right hand holding your preciously delicate string of connection 

A grounding cord. 

There is a slow-motion sense of serenity as I gaze, 

transfixed by the grace of your harmonious motion 

You speak to me through the goodness of his loving voice, infusing my soul with constant validation 

Itโ€™s funny. When the supposed luxury of choice is removed from this world 

It is amazing what we are able to see. 

The phoniness no longer has a place. 

And from here : 

I come into my own!

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