Loving through the Chaos

It is our hearts that speak the loudest in these times of change. These are days in which everything that we previously deemed to be important almost fades into significance as we deal with the sudden shifts in our routine. And amongst all of the drama and uncertainty, there is such a huge gift in all of this.

In the last few days my heart centre has never felt more open. I am able to appreciate the little things that I previously took for granted (such as having a little garden and allotment which allows for a change of scenery during lockdown!) Having to be creative and resourceful on a daily basis is making me feel more alive and present and my partner and I are communicating better. When I write my daily poem, the words just flow because I am not thinking – I am just letting my heart do the talking.

This is not an attempt to gloss over the crisis that we are in at the moment or even to put a phoney, over-positive spin on what is an incredibly frightening and unknown global situation. All I know is that in the absence of routine, touch and physical contact, we are being called to speak from our hearts and to choose words that create connection.

Yesterday morning I looked out of my window and felt overcome by love and wrote the following poem. There is so much love around us. Let’s lean into this love in these challenging times. Let us love our loved ones and our beautiful world more than ever.

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to discuss further.

With love,

Sam xxx

So much Love

There’s love that cries from bluebird skies

There’s love when days are hazy

It is a power that defies

There’s love amidst the crazy

There’s love when when you feel most alone

It’s there and it surrounds you

There’s love transmitted through your phone

When circumstance housebounds you

There’s love and it is there for you

It’s free and for the sourcing

We all need it to make it through

Reach out and it starts coursing

Yes may it pour from bluebird skies

Abundance, be our weather

There’s so much love for you and I

I feel it more than ever

Photo : https://quotefancy.com/quote/1783141/William-W-Purkey-Speak-from-the-heart-to-be-heard

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