Raw Creations

I wrote this morning’s poem at 4.00am after having received some really disappointing news a few weeks ago. It was one of those poems which write themselves very quickly as I just literally poured out my heart in words. When we express our pain we are able to let go of it more easily and then we are able to open again to new experiences.


She gave them her heart and they smashed it 

It broke like a glass on the floor

and the hope that she’d clung to, they dashed it 

In her face yet another closed door 

She gave them her heart on a platter 

because all that she knew was all-in

and she watched as the pieces now shattered 

Yet again she must now rebegin

She gave them her heart, though they’d scarred it

They returned it to her with a No

and her sadness, she couldn’t discard it 

Though in time she would use it to grow

For it wasn’t the first time it smarted 

and it raked up old wounds from the past 

Many things she had loved had departed

and for sure this would not be the last

And the universe smiled with affection 

For it had other plans now in store

There would be a new heart’s resurrection 

For creation springs forth from The Raw

Photo : https://www.pinterest.com/skylerdavis14/shattered-hearts/

11 thoughts on “Raw Creations

  1. As a life long receiver of bad news of one kind or another, I really identified with this poem. Hope springs eternal, as they say, and they only way is forward.
    Hoping you get some good news soon, Sam…

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