Springing Forth

Signs of early Spring were popping up all over the place as we set out for a local walk yesterday. It was so beautiful to see the bright flowers and to smell the sweet fragrance of the first cherry blossom once again. The premature signs of Spring are once again a reminder that the seasons keep turning and that we are never stuck in one place forever. If you would like to take part in my Creative Spring Challenge WhatsApp group starting on March 1st please send me an email to : samallencoachingcreatively@gmail.com with your mobile number including country code. A daily prompt will be provided throughout the month of March and the aim is to create anything of your choice (poem/painting/photo etc…) in response to the prompt and then share it with the group.


We are forced to move on

by the incessant invasion of light inspiring our reluctant paths each spritely Spring morning,

urged by dew-drenched daffodils and heavenly hyacinth to believe

once again in the hope of new life.

How can one possibly resist the crisp kiss of the freshly mowed lawn?

Or the peppy pink promise of the first sweet cherry blossom?

Quite impossible to hold firm to the dredges of despair

once the wonderful wild primrose sprinkles its violet allure across meandering meadow…

We are smitten. Letโ€™s admit it.

I cannot be the only fool to melt into Springโ€™s sensual seduction?

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