Self-Love Journey

The last few weeks have been a real self-love journey for me. There has been a need to honour myself and my needs unapologetically on a moment to moment basis in order to face into challenges and to care for myself in the process. In strengthening my relationship with myself I find that I am able to show up more fully in life and that I can respond more consciously to what is happening around me. I still have a way to go on this journey and I am standing in my sacred ground and embracing it!


Give yourself the love you need

Pour in what helps your healing

For you are worthy – yes indeed

No matter how you’re feeling

Hold the heart within your chest

Embrace its depth and weight

You’re human and you’ve done your best

Your beauty is innate

Give yourself a hand to hold

Stay though it might seem hard

Warm up the parts that still feel cold

What doesn’t serve – discard

See past the brambles and the reeds

Into yourself expand

Give yourself the love you need

You matter. Yes – you CAN!

17 thoughts on “Self-Love Journey

    1. So happy for you that you are on this journey and yes it doesn’t always come easy… patience and softness go a long way as we learn to redefine our relationship with ourselves and to create more loving self talk. Would be happy to talk to further to you about this on a call sometime…. wishing you a lovely, self-compassionate afternoon, Sam 🤗


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