Prior to attending the final retreat of the amazing Inner Leadership programme last week, I spent a few days by the sea in Sitges. On the last day when I had checked out if my hotel, I ventured to the beach and stumbled across another treasured tribe member, Ekaterina. The pair of us did not exchange a word but just simply laid for an hour and a half listening to the waves together and this felt more intimate than any conversation that we might have had somehow.

Sunway Salutation

Sitting silently this noon

Upon the Sunway shingle

I feel as if we are in tune

Yet have no need to mingle

The lapping waves are what I’ve craved

A sound bath for the senses

This silent company now saves

me from surplus pretences

We seek the light, you lay, I write

No need for social fillers

Somehow with you this moment’s right

and how the sea fulfils us

To find you here was opportune

The shells and pebbles jingle

as we drink in this sensual noon

Upon the Sunway shingle


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