Nourish and Flourish

In the past year I have definitely been on a journey towards listening and responding to my body. I am trying to be less Sergeant Major like towards the temple of my soul and more thoughtful and appreciative! Back in summer, whilst out for a jog in the blazing heat, I began imagining my body’s voice poetically and wrote the following poem.

Body Talk

Give me a break sometimes

you say

as I hurtle my way down the grumpy gravelled path

You won’t have the last laugh if you’re constantly

bashing and clanging me

against precarious prickle

Yes, I know. I’m fickle. One moment pounding you against pavement, slogging your guts quite mercilessly whilst the next expecting you to melt into submission in evening meditation

There has to me some mediation.

For you are my home when all is said and done.

May we begin again as friends if I promise to

really listen this time?

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13 thoughts on “Nourish and Flourish

  1. There has been a major breakdown in communications here. I don’t respond well to nagging, and I get a stony silence if I try to communicate. We should agree to differ, but even that might be too much to ask. I have to wonder sometimes, just who is in charge here?

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