Let’s get Physical

Us human beings have an unfortunate habit of operating from the head upwards, sometimes completely forgetting that we are attached to a warm, all-sensing body that can be a great ally if we connect with it! Today’s poem is about the comfort that can be found when we drop down into our fully physicalised presence.


Go below the busy

There where the silence rests

The tantrums and the tizzies

Now uninvited guests

Drop into your centre

Beneath the surface stirred

Your spirit, they can’t dent her

Projections now deferred

Journey to the starting point

Make contact with your earth

Your spirit and your heart are joined

Love was your right since birth

The noise can make us dizzy

Your higher self knows best

Go below the busy

There where the silence rests

Photo : http://onebreathglobal.com/the-mind-body-connection/

5 thoughts on “Let’s get Physical

  1. This is the perfect message for the new year, Sam, but is probably easier said than done, at least for most of us.
    Even if we manage to convince the mind that this is what we need, we call it back the minute we have a problem. Busy or silent, I don’t think we can have it both ways…

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