Star Quality

Just before Christmas Andy put some chill out music on Amazon Prime which was accompanied by a live space journey through the stars. It put me in a very dreamy mood and I quickly felt the need to capture my feelings in words.


I’m in a starry night-sky state

My pupils gleam and scintillate

For now the debris is unstuck

I’m sparkling like Lady Luck

The solitude makes my heart skip

Potential at my fingertips

Upon the Milky Way I ride

All magic starts from the inside

The shooting stars explode like grins

It’s all out there when I tap in

Intoxicated now I cast

The broken fragments of my past

A thousand light years from my space

and sprinkle dreams upon doubt’s face

For we are magical and fierce

The wonders of the evening pierce

Like diamonds deep into my skin

Aglow, my world can re-begin

To shine anon and celebrate

I’m in a starry night-sky state

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