On the last day of the retreat we were fortunate to be able to do our morning ritual outside in nature. The rain had cleared and there was light on the horizon and a new sense of hope and potential was emerging. After the ritual, one of our amazing leaders, Gülsün, guided us through a lovely visualisation which inspired me to write the following poem.

The Great Unknown

Yield into the mystery

The cosmos and the clearing

Old stories are now history

And new life is appearing

Melt into the galaxy

There’s light on the horizon

Your judgments are just fallacy

Inside you are a wise one

Feel into the great beyond

Into your full expression

There is no right, there is no wrong

Allow your soul’s confession

For we are us and this is me

Let trust now do the steering

Yield into the mystery

The cosmos and the clearing

Photo : https://unsplash.com/s/photos/cosmos

11 thoughts on “Potentiality

  1. Oh, Sam – incredibly applicable for me! This is confirmation of my month-long work on 2020 Perspectives Mandala. Just finished it yesterday. This is an annual process … some years more than others the “direction” seems clear … the work comes down to how to articulate. I title these mandalas, ensuring numeric vibration of the title corresponds to numeric vibration of the year. 2020 is a 4. I’m going into unpredictable changes given husband’s retirement mid-2020 which entails gains/losses sort of predictable but also emotional turns and twists a bit more obscure. My title: Navigate Uncertainty. I LOVE your “Potentiality” – also a 4 word – also an embrace of my “let’s go do this” attitude. THANK YOU.

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