Conscious Choice

Like it or not, we are the sum of the choices we make most of the time. When we take full responsibility for ourselves, we begin to view our choices with greater perspective and we focus on doing what will serve us. Pausing before we decide which course of action to take allows us to respond rather than react. What are you currently devoting your energies to?

I am taking a blogging pause of my own next week as I will be attending the third of four Inner Leadership retreats in Spain. More from me upon my return!

Choice of Course

What we cast our minds upon

Directs the way we live

What do you choose to focus on?

What does this viewpoint give?

Though it might feel, there’s just one reel

Of film for our retention

We choose our energetic field

Where do you place attention?

When we step back before we act

and notice what might serve us

We’re less drawn in and less held back

By looks that might unnerve us

Conclusions they aren’t all foregone

Be mindful of perspective

Let’s choose the moods to pause upon

be present and selective

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