Off your Chest

When we withdraw and hold our energy back in order to maintain the status quo and not cause fuss, we deprive ourselves of expression. Not only that, our reticence to reveal is sensed and can actually cause an unspoken heaviness. Of course there are times in which withdrawing is exactly the right thing to do, but mostly it’s better out than in I say!

Storm in a Teacup

You can sense a storm brewing

Even if it remains withdrawn

and contained

presuming that its inner brooding is being

cunningly disguised

There is a tangible tension,

a growing grey mass

that presses on the temple and temperament

of those in its midst

They feel it.

They feel you.

We are meant to burst open,

to flood with tempestuous tears

to shower the porous earth with our sentiments!

Indeed it is a relief for others

when the intensity

gets released.

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