Self Health

We are all too often the last item on our priorities list, resulting in depletion, frustration and at times resentment. Valuing and honouring self is a fundamental part of thriving and yet we skim past self-care needs, in fear of being selfish, self-absorbed or self-whatever. It is perfectly ok and absolutely necessary actually to take care of self! I proclaim this passionately as much for my SELF as anything else as I am still learning how to do this (and might always be – who knows?!) I challenge you to honour one of your unaddressed needs today. Drop me a line and let me know how it goes. You are so completely worthy of your own love and attention!


You have to put your own self first

No one will do it for you

It’s vital that yourself you nurse

Give value to the core you

and it’s not lame, there is no shame

in honouring your person

Though it might go against the grain

Neglect will make things worsen

So how might you things different do?

How could you be more caring

Towards that one-off special you

Instead of self-comparing?

Inside there is a growing thirst

Your inner voice implores you

You have to put your own self first

No one will do it for you

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