Busy Bodies

Since becoming a freelancer I have really enjoyed the freedom of organising my own time and the permission to express my full self in my working life. One thing that is still taking a bit of getting used to is the not having hundreds of other bodies around me. Working in a busy place can be stressful but is also reassuring. After this morning’s chilly jog I paused to feel my surroundings and noticed, once again, nature revealing further insights to me.

Background Noise

The curled clasps of autumn congregate on slippery slab

A grey drabness dragging in the air

I am glad to be distracted by the cheer of chirpy birds

who scan and forage for opportune worm

whistling like busy builders on a new construction site

confirming the dutiful drive for survival

that permeates all living things

Somehow the sound of others busyness brings a sense of distant belonging

I feel less fear than yesterday

Knowing that you are there somewhere

Brings great comfort

5 thoughts on “Busy Bodies

  1. Your post is so engaging and I understand your wish to feel belonging.
    As I made breakfast this morning I watched a neighbour efficiently going
    about scraping away this year’s first frost from his car. In the garden the birds
    were feeding – I have a seed feeder out.
    You go in and write for a while now. 😊 .


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