Beyond our Fears

After my morning run today I was feeling all ethereal and began thinking about the place within us all that is deeper and brighter than our fears. As I connected with this place I imagined a body of magical water and began journeying there in my mind’s eye. It was a bit of a trippy experience and I, of course, felt compelled to capture this experience in some rhyming verse.

Discovered Depths

Beneath the dank and murky bed

Of nerves, self-doubt and creeping dread

There lies a striking silver sea

Which knows the Force that you can be

It is a depth where most don’t go

(Prefer to stick to what they know)

and yet it’s here, we’re most transparent

Where our truth’s tide is most apparent

Will you explore the mystic drift?

allow your swell to show its gift?

Submerge into the glimmered gap

where into Knowing you may tap?

The volume of your Trust is great

Your sensing flow controls your fate

Now that you know your place most wise

A new moon shines within your eyes

Go ride upon the crescent crest

For this is you when at your best

Swim into where you are most free

Dive into your vitality

For here’s the Force that you can be

Embrace the striking silver sea

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