Power Showers

Yesterday was one of those foggy wet days that make you want to stay in and hibernate. I notice that these are the very days when it is all the more important to get outside and be with the elements as fresh air is such a mood booster. So I ventured out for my daily constitutional and returned a little dishevelled but so much the better for it!

Drizzle Fizzle

On days when skies are grey and wet

That feel less than inspiring

It’s vital that we go and get

Some fresh air for re-wiring

For we’re not built to sit and wilt

We must make ourselves try

To get back on the upward tilt

Let raincoats keep us dry

What’s damp and wild can reconcile

All elements have virtues

So go indulge your inner child

A bit of rain won’t hurt you

If we decide that we won’t let

The sky send us retiring

We get out when it’s grey and wet

and find what’s worth admiring

7 thoughts on “Power Showers

  1. I have been so busy and haven’t set foot out of doors in what seems like ages.
    I have been looking out of my window this morning, and the call of the wild has finally filtered through to my brain! After lunch, I’m going for a walk…

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