Easy does it!

Taking life a little more slowly does us so much good and yet often feels counter intuitive given the urgency of our ever increasing to do lists. In our neck of the woods there is even a whole “Slow Up” day dedicated to the phenomenon on which main roads are closed and locals are encouraged to go for ambling bike rides beside the river Rhine. As I walked by the Birs one weekend I saw a snail slowly progressing along the river bank (brave soul!) and penned the following lines.

Slow Up

Snail’s pace wins the race

Go slowly and you’ll prosper

When you charge round at breakneck pace

Some grey hairs it will cost ya!

Go one gear down and coast along

And let them feel they’re winning

Take in the view and slide anon

Inside it’s you who’s grinning!

They’ll marvel at your silver trace

They thought that they had lost ya

But snail’s pace, it wins the race

And now it’s you who prospers!

Photo : https://www.dailytreasure.com/how-long-can-a-snail-sleep/


8 thoughts on “Easy does it!

  1. Wonderful – thank you for easing me into the day’s to-dos! (Some of ’em may have to wait a day or more … )
    A day of roads blocked to encourage biking is amazing – applause for whoever started that!

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