Temple Talk

Whilst the mind is a very powerful force, we can over rely on its information and drive. It is easy to forget that we dwell in a human body which also needs our love, care and attention. I will admit to having been a little sergeant majorish with my body at times! The stiff upper lip though is not always the answer and our body’s wisdom is not to be underestimated.


Mind over matter

It helps to some extent

But when the souls in tatters

The mind can be hell bent

On finding a solution

On grinding on full steam

and thoughts can be illusions

The body talks it seems

And will you really listen?

Allow the space to heal?

The tenderness was missing

It wants an even keel

Though trauma leaves you scattered

Deep down we all are meant

To dwell inside our matter

Releasing what’s been pent

Photo : https://guidedaudiomeditations.com/body-temple-collection/

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