Being With

People often do not know how how to react with us in our grief. They resort to socially acceptable cliches, send us flowers and try to ‘do stuff’ to show their support. These are all acts of love, coming from a genuine desire to make us feel better and to lighten the load. When we are deep in grief though, sometimes we just need to be seen and held as we weep and as we are present to these powerful and often very physical feelings. Witnessing and being with someone in their suffering without trying to change it, is probably one of the most altruistic acts of love out there. Who needs you to be present for them at the moment?

Holding Grief

Condolences, with sympathy

and in deepest regret

Words cannot begin to be

the help we need to get

It hurts like hell, there’s shock as well

Your mind cannot conceive it

and no one can begin to tell

how inside you’ve received it

He’s in a better place they say

So sorry for your loss

You are a million miles away

Acceptance line uncrossed

A hug and listening openly

and feeling we are heard

Worth more than social sympathy

Be there beyond the words

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