No Pain, No Gain

Surviving through trying times gives us depth and substance as people. We are able to relate more to other’s pain and can empathise with and support others with greater ease. Today’s poem is a tribute to the learning that comes from the tough times. And the increased lightness that comes as a result.

Wishing you all Happy National Poetry Day! If you would like to explore your current challenges in a creative and empowering way, email me to book a free no-obligations demo Life Coaching session at

Trauma Tribute

Thank you for the suffering

The hurdles and the struggling

Through challenge I’m discovering

Life’s not just all task-juggling

Thank you for the obstacles

The grasping and the lurching

Don’t wish it on you, not at all

But growth comes from soul-searching

Thank you for the rougher parts

The failures and the losing

For so much learning they impart

Responding’s what I’m choosing

What matters is recovering

Get yourself through the night

Thank you for the suffering

No one can steal your light

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