Getting in touch with my intuition and energetic awareness has been a big part of my journey to becoming a creative life coach. I have learned throughout the course of the past three years that it is a permission thing. The more I trust and allow the process, the more enlightening the results. The mind is a wonderful machine but when we dial down its rational voice and listen to what we hear with our heart then a whole lot more is revealed.

Soul’s Flow

The intrigue of your inner world

Demands your ears to listen

For once uncovered, like rare pearls

My how your knowing glistens

The fascination of your soul

Can cast a light so blinding

That you’ll discover parts untold

Once hidden from your finding

The subtlety of your sixth sense

Will certainly surprise you

But you’ll find truth and not suspense

As providence defies you

The pull of nature’s wisdom grows

As you straight right through reason

Deep down us earthly beings know

This is the soul’s flow season

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