Natural Belonging

It bothers me how much disconnection is present in life as we know it despite our compulsive social media messaging and online interactions. For me one of the quickest and most authentic ways of coming back to myself and hearing how I really feel is by being in nature. It is perhaps for this reason that I am so passionate about the walking coaching sessions that I do with my many of my clients. We often stop in a quiet spot and just take in what gems of wisdom that nature is mirroring back to my client. And there is always an answer or a piece of wisdom. Out in the great outdoors we belong instantaneously to something much bigger than our online lives.

Integral Part

You’re part of something bigger

You’re never quite alone

Part of the flowing river

Part of the wind that moans

Though you feel separation

It’s so far from the truth

Begin re-calibration

Connection we can choose

The golden hilltop morning

The fresh wood scented air

Do not condone self-scorning

They see you standing there

And through the grass truth flickers

True nature you’re my home

You’re part of something bigger

Don’t think that you’re alone


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