Boat Floating

Yesterday was Swiss National Day and Android and I decided to venture out for some kayaking on the Sempachersee on our much loved Sea Eagle. The weather conditions were good and we had grand plans of making it to the neighbouring town. This was until it became blatantly apparent that our faithful old boat had some kind of hole in it, causing us to be somewhat precariously and lop-sidedly positioned! After a few attempts to get going we quickly realised that it was the ideal moment to sit, float and watch the lake life go by and it turned out to be a thoroughly relaxing experience!

Hole Again

Bank holiday and our Sea Eagle

Was looking very far from regal

And as the back began to sag

My phone was glad of its dry bag!

We rowed out past Swiss fishing people

It felt like pushing oars through treacle

and so we paused now both resigned

to make the most of floating time

We bobbed along with passing grebes

The lake folk seemed to quite agree

that slowing down was nature’s wish

affirmed by joyous, jumping fish

and as our calmness we regained

the sun dripped down like glittered rain

upon the simple Sempach lake

Wise nature‘s tricks are no mistake

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