Love Me Do

Last week’s heatwave sent me into a bit of a spin. I felt like I couldn’t think clearly and was struggling to feel grounded. In the midst of the fiery furore I realised that the intensity of the heat was reflecting the intensity that I was feeling inside myself and that there was a need to love myself a little more through this heated moment.

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Passion’s Plea

Love right through the heat

The furnace as it roars

Love as your heart beats

Relentlessly, and more

Love into the fire

You burn anon, you’re here

Love your own desire

Your emptiness, your fear

Love your frenzied fever

Love every fucking part

Self-love is not for divas

Fall deep into your heart

For when yourself you meet

Then self-compassion pours

Love right through the heat

You’re worthy to the core

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11 thoughts on “Love Me Do

  1. I read your inspiring poem, Sam… and I did try to see the merit in loving myself, I really did. But this is something I have never been able to do. You would think it would happen automatically if no one else loves you, but no. Even now, when people say they love me, I still doubt their motives.
    Now I am getting old though, I will admit to liking myself a little more, so maybe that’s a beginning?


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