Seaside Ride

I wrote today’s poem during a laid back stay in Sardinia a few months back. Once again, being by the sea was like a tonic for my soul. I wrote at will as the waves lapped into shore, sometimes travelling down memory lane to former stays in Sardinia as can be detected in the following lines.


Gentle swell breaks into tame trickle, lilting over the dimpled sand.

Soothing hands wash over scratched surface and soul scar, smoothing stubborn


Ripples rinsing and releasing realms of resistance in rhythmic rows.

I am drawn into my centre, content to surrender to self.

The sentient sun sends sparks of past summer across wistful wave.

How we’d search your shimmering mirror for answers to youth’s mysteries.

I see my yesteryears appearing in frothy flickers before me.

If we knew then what we know now, life’s wild waves would still wash in at will.

Here I observe the obsequious ocean responding to The Call.

There is a peace in relinquishing the need for control to the sea.


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