Catch the Wind

A few weeks ago I felt so full of freedom and light that it was exhilarating and slightly overwhelming! I tried to enjoy this feeling whilst also being mindful of the need to stay grounded and, during one of my leadership calls, imagined holding on firmly to a kite which was flying freely in the wind. This gave me a sense of controller freedom which seemed to really hit the spot!

Unending Journey

I am a kite that’s grown new wings

I’m holding on to fragile strings

Aflight with energetic urge

That longs from inside out to surge

High in the air my spirit roams

Oh ground inside – eternal home

Allow the freshness still to enter

Whilst I breathe deep into my centre

Root down this wondrous, wandering waif

For self-acceptance keeps me safe

Hold on as transformation swings

I am a kite that’s grown new wings

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