Super Trouper

Today would have been my Dad’s 71st Birthday and his memory shines brighter than ever. Back in my student days, when our family faced a hugely challenging time, I remember Dad jumping around the lounge with me for a couple of hours to help me try and shake off the excess energy often arising from panic. We had an obligatory playlist on whilst leaping and it meant the world to know that he was truly there for me when the rug had been pulled from underneath all of our feet. Happy Birthday dear Dad. What an inspiration you are in my life xxx

Any Lengths

You jumped around the lounge with me

Like fools, feet off the ground

We’ll beat this damn anxiety

Your love it knew no bounds

You always had the perfect words

They always came from love

And when my monkey mind is stirred

Your voice – a peaceful dove

A sensitive stability

A willingness to wait

You knew my sensibilities

Your patience was innate

I feel your light surrounding me

It lifts me when I’m down

You jumped around the lounge with me

Like fools, feet off the ground


13 thoughts on “Super Trouper

  1. Such a beautiful tribute dear Sam – I have tears in my eyes picturing you and your dad leading around the lounge. You were lucky to have such a wonderful father and I know he is still with you in so many ways. You are brilliant my dear friend!




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  2. Lovely words sam we can just visualise you both leaping around, uncle les was a truly wonderful man and is missed terribly by us all ❤️xxxxx

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