Practise what you Preach

Us humans do love to get on our soapbox and have a good old moan about people/places/life that don’t meet our personal standards and expectations. Funny really when you think about the number of contradictions that live within every single one of us. We constantly break our own rules and often do not practise what we preach. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the inconsistency a little?


It’s human to be hypocritical Self-righteousness rather deluded

Yes even the self-analytical

Sometimes contradict I’ve concluded

In all of us live double standards

Perfection is out of our reach

The pious are not always candid

We often don’t do what we preach

Transparency is an illusion

Consistency is an ideal

Pretence just adds to the confusion

We’re often ruled by how we feel

When we’re less judgemental and critical

Paradoxes matter less

It’s human to be hypocritical

And all we can do is our best!

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10 thoughts on “Practise what you Preach

  1. An astute observation, Sam, and a great poem. You always use such surprisingly perfect oblique rhymes, like standards and candid. It may be human nature to be hypocritical, but if I could change one thing about myself, that would be it. I think that’s what I love most about Bernie Sanders, his consistency–his opinion on an issue never wavers based on the situation. 🙂


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