Relentless River

As I was ambling past the river a couple of days ago I decided to take a break beside my favourite spot where the water flows down past the rocks. It suddenly struck me how resilient water is, gently and purposefully pushing its way forward despite any obstacles in its way, resulting in the following write. Here is also a short clip of my place of inspiration :

Yesterday I went swimming in the river with my friends Tracy and Fiona and recited my poem in the water. Here is the link :

Roaming River live from the Birs

Roaming River

Between the rocks, the river pours

It’s life-force can’t be hampered

Whatever nature has in store

It’s spirit you won’t dampen

It turns and hurls, makes bubbled swirls

and finds its path by sensing

Across debris its current curls

The flow requires no tensing

What once was raw, left on the shore

Don’t let your soul be eaten!

Between the rocks, the river pours

It’s life-force won’t be beaten!

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