Alive Dive

I have just returned from an inspiring weekend assisting with the lovely Jeanine Taveras at the Synergy co-active course in Zürich. This is my third time assisting for Synergy and the combination of leaders always give it a slightly different flavour. There was an overriding sense of aliveness during the course which carried on after hours when the infectiously positive Claudia and I decided to run to Zürich lake in the blazing late afternoon heat in search of coolness! I wrote a poem about the experience which Antony and Claudia read aloud and in parts rapped at the beginning of the last day of the course as featured here :

Lake Longing Live

Lake Longing

We jogged our way to Zürich lake

The coolness; our incentive

Our bodies and our minds sun-baked

This summer; quite relentless

A few wrong turns, we quickly learned

To lean on our resources

I hoped I wouldn’t be sunburned

You kept up moral forces!

The lake looked grand, when close at hand

There was no hesitation

No need to fry upon the land

Plunged into liberation

Aliveness comes to those who break

old habits, those inventive

We jogged our way to Zurich lake

The coolness; our incentive

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