Sit and Stare

A friend and I often talk about how peaceful it can be to find a solitary bench in nature and to sit and watch the world go by. At the weekend I decided to do just that and after a few minutes of sitting back and watching life, my monkey mind began to settle. Our brains are literally gagging for this disconnect from information overload!


Within the rustle of the trees

My tangled thoughts can be appeased

The early evening’s gentle light

Restores the sense that I’m alright

Through trunk and trail the village peeps

In quietness the tracks are steeped

Save for the coo of blissful bird

Which may from nestled bench be heard

The riddles of the world dissolve

Not all must right now be resolved

The time is here I hold it dearly

for space and silence speak more clearly

than all the words and thoughts compiled

Go find a bench and rest a while

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