Cosmic Eye in the Sky

This morning I set out for my jog and didn’t progress that far given the fact that it was already in the mid twenties at 7.30am. Much as I love the light, I really struggle with high temperatures as I feel restricted and just want to go out and be active as normal. I decided, however, that it was time to see the good side of the heatwave and penned the following poem on my return.

Shine On

Shintaido to the sun

The scorching summer rays

Whilst winters leave us numb

You shed the light and blaze

Shintaido to your glory

Your fullness is intense

To beaches and love stories

The thirst brought forth to quench

Shintaido to your certitude

Your hot, emphatic will

Your energy, your fortitude

Those lazy, river grills

Your lightness is such fun

Though temperatures you raise

Shintaido to the sun

The scorching summer rays

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