New Ground

This morning I have started the day by having a slow breakfast in the garden with the bunnies and have just done a grounding meditation. Instead of typing my daily poem into my phone, I took the time to write it in to my journal first, all in the name of slowing down a bit. Today is the first day of being completely freelance as a life coach and as I wave goodbye to ten lovely years of teaching at an international school here in Switzerland, I am saying a huge, excited hello to my new life!


Tendrils of tenderness team forth from the source

Drifting downwards towards the roots of eternity

All clumps of chaos now rinsed from the field

Sliding down the silver strand into the enduring earth

I belong here.

I am needed.

I am staying.

It is as if I fuse with my foundations

Firmly planted into the soil

Penetrating layers of raw richness

Sinking deeper into my being

my wholeness

my truth

my matter

my undisputed worth

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