Word Power

Whilst some take words with a pinch of salt, I am quite unable to follow suit. The words we choose shape our worlds and those of the people around us. Words have their own energy and can empower or destroy. As a linguist and a passionate poet, today’s lines pay homage to the world of words!

Word Woman

Punctuate the paper

A channel for my soul

You holler and you taper

How I love hyperbole

I catch you, but it’s fleeting

You change from night to day

My thoughts you are completing

Expressive, your display

To heart I always take you

You strike a deeper chord

Sticks and stones might break you

But you’re a mighty sword

You are a future shaper

You play a vital role

There etched within the paper

Dear words you feed my soul

Photo : http://ellehillauthor.blogspot.com/2014/08/creating-universe-one-word-at-time.html

10 thoughts on “Word Power

  1. There is something about putting words on paper that makes them (for lack of a better word) REAL. Things I could not admit to myself become solid and unavoidable once I pen them in my journal. A great poem, Sam. Words are powerful, use them wisely. 🙂

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