Mess Fest

We waste so much time in our lives trying to tidy up what doesn’t look right about ourselves to the outside world. Whether it be our clothes, our appearance or our emotions, we all cling a little too tightly to other people’s idea of perfection. My inner leadership journey is teaching me to be with the mess. To smile at it. To stay. We are at our most compelling when we stop trying to gloss over what’s raw and real after all.

Mess-age filmed version

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Those who always look their best

Work hard to hide their human

For all of us live with some mess

When closer in we’re zooming

Our lipstick pouts hide fears and doubts

Our yolo shots too perfect

Acceptance is what it’s about

We’re lovable and worth it

To swallow stuff does not mean tough

To keep it in’s not coping

Don’t coat your shit with flounce and fluff

Or distance it by joking

For life is not some flawless test

When we are real, we’re blooming

So yay to chaos and to mess

And yay to being human!

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10 thoughts on “Mess Fest

  1. This sounds really positive, Sam & interesting to think about too. Here’s my few thoughts..I certainly wouldn’t like to live in a house where it feels more like a clinic than a home. I like to have familiar things around me that make our home individual. They’re happy reminders of living a life. I know they’ll mean very little to anyone else, but they don’t live here. They’re not strewn everywhere, they’re fairly tidy on shelves, bookcases, CD racks etc, but I know of some people who would recoil with horror at “things” on the wall, trinkets & putting any colour on the wall other than cream/ivory! That’s ok, it’s their choice. I do wear make-up, & have done since my late teens. I don’t go over the top, & try to make it look natural. It’s mostly because I’ve never been blessed with good skin & I can’t go the extra mile by leaving it off. I doubt that’ll ever change. However, if others have the strength to do do then all power to their elbows & I applaud them. For now, I’m happy wearing my mask. I’ve lost a fair bit of weight over the past couple of years, we live in a beautiful corner of the country & I feel better about myself than I have for many’s good! 😊


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