Confetti from the Sky

A couple of days ago I caught sight of an umbrella on the way to work which immediately cast me back to a day spent in the rain in Southampton with my lovely Dad. It’s funny how the simplest of objects can evoke the strongest of memories. Even rainy days were enjoyable in Dad’s company!


Umbrella spokes they cast me back

Southampton in the rain

No weather would put us off track

Feels like youโ€™re there again

A right old pair, but did we care?

Our time was far more precious

A Fatherโ€™s love is shelter shared

The raindrops just refreshed us!

You had a plan, you thoughtful man

Protected me from showers

I know how fortunate I am

To know love of this power

And when the sky is gloomy black

Need only hear your name

And instantly I am cast back

To thankfulness again

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10 thoughts on “Confetti from the Sky

  1. Lovely poem. It rains a lot here in spring so I always carry an umbrella. I have shared it on many occasions with hubby, friend, or co-worker. It always feels like the two of you against the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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