Rock and Roll with it

After having spent such a bonding week with my fellow Iguana tribe members at the inner leadership course, it was emotional to say goodbye. I had stayed on an extra day in Sitges and spent some lovely time with two of my new friends and when Liz finally left it dawned on me that I would be on my own for the next six hours awaiting my flight back to Basel. Feelings of transition and anxiety crept in and so I decided to walk by the beach to distract myself. At one point I found a shady spot on some steps leading down to the seafront. I picked up the two large rocks/pebbles in my featured image and held them in my hands. As I sensed the shapes and textures of the rocks, I felt myself slow down and regroup. Good old nature helps out once again!

Touching Moment

I held two rocks, one in each hand

One pock-marked, soft and heavy

The other black like charcoaled sand

Their presence helped me steady

It was tactile, to rest a while

With offerings of beach setting

I felt my wild thoughts reconcile

The child in me stopped fretting

I held two rocks, one in each hand

Put up my feet and waited

I felt the same old learning land

Observe the understated


18 thoughts on “Rock and Roll with it

  1. This is a great model for self-calming – thank you! I’ll be outdoors today picking up files of trimmed plant matter (hubby trims, I collect&dispose) – my eye open for the rock(s) calling for consultation. Our yard is full of them! Every trip delivers a few more to house or yard.
    Poetically … love tactile & reconcile strung together!


  2. Good old nature & its grounding qualities.. & a beautiful poem in its honour! I canโ€™t leave a beach without taking an interesting pebble, I choose carefully, they have to look & feel right..theyโ€™re so wonderfully tactile! I love the pockmarked one you chose, Sam! ๐Ÿ˜

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