Intentional Unconventional

I am a little eccentric it has to be said and it is when I really stand in my quirkiness that I connect with people the most. After all, having the courage to own what makes us different can liberate others to do the same and who needs vanilla anyway?!?

Hot off the press… I have just recorded this poem and wanted to also share the link here. Feedback gratefully received! :

Brandish Your Outlandish video

Brandish your Outlandish

It’s our quirks that make folk smirk

Our kinks can be endearing

In zaniness our essence lurks

Of oddity no fearing

Flamboyant streaks bring smiles to cheeks

Allow us to feel freer

So let your offbeat colours leak

Permission will appear

Don’t wait upon the window sill

Dilute yourself to please them

Don’t act the part to fit the bill

Your foibles we all need them!

So curl your locks, wear your bright socks

Show up and don’t be lazy!

For in a box no woman rocks

And we all need your crazy!

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