Sound Grounding

I have just returned from the first of four transformational inner leadership retreats and am feeling thankful for such an awe-inspiring experience. After one of our grounding morning ritual sessions, I wrote the following poem which I felt it only right to share today both in written and video form!


Earth’s Blessing video


Earth’s Blessing

The sacred soil will hold you

Lean in, allow, release

Don’t take on what they told you

Within deep roots; your peace

This is your evolution

The ground can hold your weight

Within the sky; solutions

Fall into what’s innate

So many different branches

Reach up and reach within

Each morning ripe with chances

The choice to re-begin

The magma, it won’t scald you

And mysteries never cease

The sacred soil will hold you

Lean in, allow, release

14 thoughts on “Sound Grounding

  1. Beautiful, Sam. When you are at peace with yourself, there really isn’t anything to be afraid of. Retreats are great for getting reacquainted with ourselves and nurturing that peaceful place inside. Be well. Keep the poems coming! 🙂

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  2. That’s superb, Sam..I can really relate to this. Although not a retreat, I attended a poetry day, recently, & it was a wonderful experience, exploring a subject in a fantastic setting, with like-minded folks. Glad to hear your retreat was such a positive experience.

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      1. It was, really should run a poetry retreat, especially with all your experience, it would be fantastic! I wrote about the one I attended, if you get chance to read about it, it’s on my blog with the title, “The Song Of Life” which was the poem I wrote on the day. I wrote the post on the 26th April. Hope you get to run the retreat, & good luck! 😊

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      2. Dear Debbie I have just read your lovely post and want to say a big thank you for sharing this with me. I loved your mindfully melodic poem and I have to admit you have given me some real ideas here for a potential poetry workshop. As part of my ten month inner leadership programme, I am required to deliver a workshop with a fellow participant. If I can find an artsy type, I think this could be a goer! Thank you so much! Have a lovely day 🙂

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      3. Ahh thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, Sam & I’m so glad it’s given you food for thought! I hoped you would get the chance to take a look, as it also shows you how much I got from the whole experience, you can probably tell, haha! It’s really stayed with me, so I’m sure your potential attendees would gain similar feelings too. I do hope you can find someone to deliver a workshop with, & would love to read all about it!
        Many thanks for your very kind words about my poem. It was a special experience to read it out loud to the other folks there, & get instant reactions. Thank you, once again, Sam & I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your poetry retreat takes place! ☺️

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      4. It’s funny, despite the subject matter & emotion that was evident, I felt so wonderfully uplifted afterwards. The setting, & even the weather added to the ambience. The sharing of the writing exercises, especially with regard to the special objects, leading up to our final poems definitely set the mood to get the best out of us. I’d have no hesitation in going to another one.

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