What Floats your Boat?

When we stay too long in our comfort zone we forget to check in with ourselves about what we truly want. Our dreams change throughout our lives and, although challenging perhaps, it is important that we check in with our inner calling on a regular basis. On this note I will now be taking a week’s break from blogging as I attend an Inner Leadership course in Spain and look forward to sharing more when I next post on the 12th May.


What is it that lights up your life?

What sets your world on fire?

What makes you feel the most alive?

What lifts your spirit higher?

What makes you get out of your bed?

What floats your boat? What fills you?

What makes your heart ignore your head?

What is it that most thrills you?

What could you just not live without?

What drives you and compels you?

Our passions are what life’s about

What does your true self tell you?

Photo : https://pixabay.com/photos/boat-water-tranquil-peaceful-sea-3356642/


15 thoughts on “What Floats your Boat?

  1. What great questions Sam!!! Definitely ones that I will sit down and take a deeper look at and journal on. I started my journey a little over a year ago to become a coach myself. I got my certification, but then life threw so much at me that I lost my way. I realize now- that for whatever reason, I wasn’t ready. Life still had things to teach me so that I could make a better impact later. These questions will help me on my journey!!!
    Best wishes from Texas

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  2. Being an obsessive compulsive type, what floats my boat one day and gets me started in one direction can be completely forgotten the next, as I’m rushing off in another direction. So I’m great at starting things… Thankfully self-discipline does kick in now and then and make me finish my journey before starting off on another. ;0

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  3. Some great questions to contemplate on your retreat. Your twist is interesting, that our dreams change so we need to regularly take stock of them. Often we are still pursuing our childhood dreams, fantasies that have long since lost their sparkle, relevance, or importance. Hope you have many good conversations with your inner self and return refreshed. 🙂

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