A few weekends ago I was so inspired by the arrival of Spring that I wanted to write about it at every given opportunity. So much so that my inner critic began to reign me in resulting in this inner monologue style poem!

Spring Saviour

You need not capture ever single mood you feel in words!

But heavens I will always be by Spring’s elixir stirred!

How can you not stare on the spot when faced with flourished beauty?

But shaping this in patterns with your words is not a duty!

The buzzing bells, hypnotic spells, the powder pink so pretty

How can I keep myself from writing daily seasonal ditties?

So let the twists of floral bliss

seep in and stop complaining!

I won’t refrain, these fragrant lanes, deserve poetic framing!

The pansy power, this golden hour when light is not yet fire

Can brighten up even the dour

Can heighten and inspire

And so it’s how this goes you see, though you might say absurd

I’ll bottle every drop of this fair season with my words!

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