Backstreet Meet

The mission today is to write a poem grounded in language as it is spoken rather than in typically poetic speech. Andy and I have an in-house term for salubrious types that can be found frequenting train stations and we dub them “Stretchies”. The term originated during a precarious walk around the backstreets of our Tunisian hotel where a random man was pretending to do post-running stretches whilst giving us the once over and it has stuck ever since. A few months back we encountered a man who we imagined to be a Stretchy but were afterwards unsure if to have unfairly labelled him hence the following poem.


First impression was quite sketchy

Station backstreet, shady side

And normally I sense a Stretchy

Bling and labels don’t disguise

My eyes this time could not detect you

French man lost or dodgy guy?

Dared not venture to inspect you

Stretchies can be crafty guys

And I am sorry if I judged you

Trousers half-way down your bum

Sometimes the universe can nudge you

to make calls which are quite glum

And come what may it’s with affection

That I hope,oh Stretchy dear

On that day you found direction

And that trust reigned over fear

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13 thoughts on “Backstreet Meet

  1. Stretchies–so funny how we develop a language all our own with our spouse, words nobody else would get. We all suppose we know what a “stretchy” looks like, but looks can deceive. Maybe, as you said, fear gets the best of us, making us too quick to judge those with trousers halfway down their bums. Well done, Sam. 🙂

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