Raw Write

This morning’s suggestion is to write a poem in which the abstraction of sadness is described in physical detail. When I lost my Dad three years ago, grief was an intensely physical experience and I wrote the following poem which I am sharing for the first time. I remember the relief I felt at the time once I had written this as although very sad and raw it felt like a necessary and therapeutic part of the grief process. It feels vulnerable to share this but if it can help even one person to read it then it will have been worth it.

The Hole

A hole so deep and full of pain

I’ll never feel the same again

A hole so permanent and wide

That aches and burns me from inside

A hole that no one else can fill

Though some might try, they never will

A hole that lets in all my fears

And makes me cry a thousand tears

A hole I simply can’t avoid

A massive, endless, gaping void

A hole that shakes my very being

Forces me to feel my feelings

A hole that leaves me so exposed

Changes my course along this road

A hole that makes me feel alone

Now you are gone, where is my home?

Photo : https://pixabay.com/illustrations/heart-love-puzzle-missing-part-1745300/


17 thoughts on “Raw Write

  1. I have lost a load of things in my life, some of them people but none I have loved or missed. Your poem reminded me that I should be grateful and also to hope I go first…


  2. This is really beautiful, Sam, and a totally different side of you than the sunny self we normally see here. My deepest sympathy goes out to you. My dad was sick for a long time before he passed away last summer; it was honestly more painful to witness his losses (beloved foods he couldn’t eat anymore, kidney failure and dialysis, limits on water, the loss of feeling in his feet, loss of mobility, a gangrenous index finger that kept him from being able to write, work puzzles, or even feed himself at the end) than to let him go. I have a few of his journals, which are very special to me. Here is a sample of what I found in those pages: https://justjoan42.wordpress.com/2019/03/31/ordinary-yet-extraordinary/. His death opened up a channel of communication. I ask him things all the time and get answers that absolutely come from a higher perspective than I could achieve on my own. My soul rests in the sure knowledge that he is happy and at peace now. 🙂


  3. I admire your strength in sharing your heart-rending poem, Sam, and I’m sorry for your loss..it’s still quite a short amount of time. There is something freeing about writing down your innermost thoughts, especially at difficult times, but sharing them with others is much harder & exposing, so well done. I must admit, although I’d written poetry before, it wasn’t until one of my dear friends died, far too young, that I wrote a poem for her, & then another, on her year anniversary. It made me decide to write more down, that I’d usually compose in my head & then they’d be forgotten. By this time, we’d moved to the country from the city, & I was disregarding so many from the inspiration I was getting from our new surroundings. I think the writing I’ve done since has definitely helped me with previous losses, including my Dad too, with underlying themes within my poetry. I hope it has helped your grieving process a little more by sharing your beautiful words.


  4. I could totally relate to this Sam. Lost my mom 13 years’ ago…had written a poem too, several actually ( all I could do was cry and write then). I shared it on wordpress a year ago, for the first time.

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