Grape Shapes

Ok so I missed a prompt yesterday. I was just about to write ‘my bad’ until I got a grip of myself and realised how much I hate this expression! Besides, why apologise when I have been taking a lovely and much needed Italian lakeside mini-break with a girlfriend? Enough of my ramblings – I am now back on track and today’s challenge is to write a poem that presents a scene from an alternative view point. After some recent discussions with our neighbours about the Trübeli (see featured image) I decided to write from their perspective.

From the Trübeli

Merrily we multiply across your Springtime lawn

Beady blue before your eyes from magic bulb we spawn

It’s fun to spread though you might dread

the bulbs from which we’ve sprouted

Between your neat allotment beds

Our cheeky charms are touted

We might be wild but don’t be riled

Deep down we are true blue

Us Trübeli of tempers mild

Bring Spring to life for you!

9 thoughts on “Grape Shapes

  1. Nice job with the perspective, Sam. The wild flowers are as pretty as the cultivated ones. Around here we have wild violets all through the grass. They blend in so harmoniously I hardly notice them, unlike the dandelions that will pop up later in the season and turn whole neighborhoods yellow. Missing a day isn’t the end of the world. We all come back from a change of scenery refreshed, full of new ideas and insights. 🙂


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