Creative Native

Today’s poetic challenge is to write a kind of dramatic monologue which is written in a way that could be acted out. I have chosen to write about creative living as this is a theme that I feel passionate about and so could well imagine dramatising the following poem.

Setting an intention to live your life creatively is an empowering and alternative one. It can mean making choices that go against the mainstream and developing routines which can seem somewhat alternative to others. When we embrace who we really want to be and honour our promise to ourselves to shape our lives around this then living creatively becomes second nature.

Creative Living

Creative living takes strong will

You’re not one of the pack!

Though they might try your dreams to kill

You smile. There’s no way back.

For well you know, life’s not a show

We aren’t just meant to follow

We’re here to feel and dream and grow

And shape a fate less hollow

Creative living is a risk

You stand out for your choices

Far safer when you just exist

so say the soulless voices

Don’t sit upon the window sill

regretting things you lack

Creative living takes strong will

You’re not one of the pack


5 thoughts on “Creative Native

  1. You have really espoused this form, Sam, like Shakespeare with his sonnets. I’m always amazed by the alternating rhymes, how they seem so natural. The message is so true. We do stand out for our choices but as you said, once you have begun to live creatively, there’s no way back. 🙂

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