Seeing the Light

This morning we are encouraged to write a poem about a dull thing that we own, and why (and how) we love it. I am not a particularly materialistic person it has to be said but opted to write about my lightbox (ok not ‘dull’ in some ways I suppose!) which has got me through the darkest of months! I have also included the link to my recent appearance on The Creative Coping podcast on which I spontaneously recite a poem about my Dad below in case you have time to listen?

Ode to my Medisana

Sat there on the kitchen side

Rectangular and thin

You wake me up from the inside

From Winter until Spring

When days are dark, your light is stark

You trick my brain as needed

The loss of you would leave a mark

My hopes you have exceeded

You’re here instead of winter dread

You get me through, you trouper

I’m no longer the living dead

You’ve pulled me from my stupor

I look on you with so much pride

On shorter days I grin

To see you shining on my side

Rectangular and thin

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