Where it all Began


Today’s challenge is to write about where we are from in emotional, physical and spiritual terms. This was a really interesting write and I enjoyed the complete green card to explore! I also wanted to share that I was recently interviewed by Johnny Anomaly of the Creative Coping podcast and have included the link to my interview below my poem should you have the time or the inclination to listen. Towards the end of the recording I spontaneously share a poem about my Dad.



I am from the scattered strands of daisy chains and summer love

From the hungry howls of the wild werewolf

where the frigidity of fact freezes at the edge of The Forest of Faith

My roots digging deep into the sanguine soil and

the soles of my feet soaked in The Sixth Sense.

There is gnarled knowingness and childlike somersault

A mega-mix of melodies sing through muddled meadow

and we all exist on love and air alone

My origins are windswept and barnacled

I am of the solitude and of the sea

Flamed by the compulsion to create

and the conviction that This-is-all-we-have

I am of the constantly evolving shades

You pulse through my eclectic entity

Pulling me towards The Evolution of The Heart

Hail thee, Chamelea


Creative Coping Podcast Interview


Photo : https://www.gwennseemel.com

11 thoughts on “Where it all Began

  1. Wonderful poem – resonates! I have called myself “Chameleon” over the years, adapting to whatever’s current, changing my “colors”.
    And I very much enjoyed the podcast – thanks for sharing the link. Your voice while reading the poem gave me goosebumps – so strong, vibrating.

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  2. I so enjoyed the podcast, and you seemed to too.
    I loved the heartfelt poem about your Dad and his guitar playing. The mention of The Shadows took me back to my first guitar efforts. I really HANKered after being Hank Marvin!

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  3. Beautiful poem, so many great allusions to your background, such a combination of contrary images and ideas. We are all this way, not just one thing, but many things. Well done, Sam. 🙂


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