Dour Showers

Today we need to write a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon. As a Brit, the rain immediately came toons and we do love a good moan about the weather! I used the regional phrase as the title of my poem which is about our recent journey down to the Thunersee. It rained non-stop and the weather has definitely infiltrated into the following poem.

It’s tipping it down

Grey lens obscures the chosen tune

Lashings of lethargy leaking from melancholic cumulonimbus

I am cast back to the weary precariousness of

constantly moving parts

and catch myself regressing to a former fraction, legs furiously paddling beneath

surface serenity.

I’ve never appreciated the sly dilution of the drizzle

into porous bone

The lack of choice blurring my brightness

and plunging me into irrelevant introspection.

They say you’ve set in. They talk of cats and dogs.

It might well be nice for the ducks but

please, have mercy on us light-seekers…

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