Vexed Text

This morning’s brief is to write our own Sei Shonagon-style (Japanese writer) list of “things.”I have chosen to write about things that vex me and have enjoyed building up this eclectic list in poem form. What vexes you?  I’m curious to know!


Things that vex me


The decimated fragments that remain at the bottom of my Weetabix packet

The word ‘cool’ when used as an aspirational characteristic


Loud mobile phone calls in crowded train carriages

Being forced to remain inside on a sunny day


The overuse of acronyms



Those who don’t say thank you

Sheep mentality



Over-factual conversation

When people assume your ignorance on any given matter

Lost hours spent in futile meetings



Unrequested advice

Sitting in the middle of a row in the theatre

Mosquito bites


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15 thoughts on “Vexed Text

  1. What is “Sei Shonagon-style”? I don’t know what Weetabix is, and I don’t regularly ride trains, but the rest is right on the money, Sam. I would add grocery self-check lanes and boogers that defy removal. 🙂

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      1. I have looked her up online, her lists are wonderful, with such attention to detail.
        On her list of Unsuitable Things, “Ugly handwriting on red paper” as if ugly handwriting on some other color of paper would qualify as suitable. Thanks for the introduction to Sei Shonagon. 🙂

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